Life may have thrown you a few curve balls, fortunately you don’t have to face them alone.  Acme Counseling of Corvallis can help you address your concerns and issues, develop a strategy to help you resolve those issues and help you regain the confidence you desire.

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Mental Health

Mental health is a broad term, and its companion term, mental illness,  cover  a wide range of conditions that can affect your emotional state and also your ability to make judgments and function rationally.

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Drug and Alcohol Counseling

Can you imagine living a healthy, fulfilling and drug-free life? Yourself-esteem restored, your relationships improved and your career is benefited.  Acme Counseling can provide you tools to do just that.

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Mandated Services

Acme Counseling is a state approved DUII, MIP, Restricted License (Hardship),  diversion, and outpatient rehabilitation facility.  Regardless of where in the USA someone receives a citation, Acme can provide services.

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Problem gambling is gambling behavior which causes disruptions in any major area of life: psychological, physical, social or vocational.

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Here at Acme Counseling In Corvallis, OR we offer easy access to Drug and Alcohol Diversion / Rehabilitation counseling, in addition to a broad spectrum of high-quality mental health, substance abuse and support services for the residents of Corvallis Oregon and surrounding areas.  Acme can help you with your counseling needs pertaining to DUII, MIP, and Possession as well.

We employ a creative and professional staff dedicated to working in partnership with the community and the people we serve.

Acme Counseling promotes self-evaluation and personal accountability in program development and service delivery. It is our belief that these efforts, combined with joy, laughter, respect, advocation and a connection to others, are the key to promoting lasting growth, health and improved self-esteem.

 At Acme Counseling we offer  accessible, responsive, comprehensive, integrated community mental health and substance abuse treatment and support services.


Acme Counseling Corvallis Oregon Support

Acme Counseling offers:

  • Drug Counseling / Drug Diversion
  • Alcohol Counseling
  • DUII, MIP and Possession counseling
  • Diversion Courses
  • Treatment FAQ
  • Overcoming Treatment Obstacles
  • Treatment Involving Family
  • Individual Therapy
  • Group Therapy
  • Therapeutic Approaches
  •  Principles and Goals of Treatment
  • Gambling Addiction Counseling